I always love being on the TODAY Show, but I'd have to say that this was my favorite segment to be apart of to date. First off, it was all about DIY Halloween beauty tricks so that alone made it so fun. Secondly, I had a very special model to demonstrate my at home blood recipe – Regis Philbin! He is literally the goofiest and sweetest man ever - I just had so much FUN!


Incase you missed the segment or did see it and were curious about the specific products I used to create each look, I wanted to share more info here on my blog - there is only so much information a girl can get through in 4 minutes! Here's more on the three looks I shared today:

  • The Mermaid Scales 
  • The Masquerade Mask
    • The Tools: Piece of lace (design of your choice), black cream shadow, lipstick or liner, + a sponge.
    • The Steps: Place lace over the part of the face you'd like to imprint mask design, stipple black pigmentation over lace with sponge, and remove for mask. To take it to the next level, you can add in different colors or glitter before removing the lace. THE END.
    • The Products: Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Intense #50 Black lipstick which btw I LOVE (I was already using this for the black lipstick so I cut a piece of it and mushed it to stipple onto the face) + a beautyblender. The lashes used today were both Makeup Forever too! I just feel like in general, Halloween = Makeup Forever month. All their products make so much sense for the Holiday.
  • The Fake Blood 
    • The Tools: Red tinted artificial sweetener, empty cup, a water bottle's cap worth of water, + sponge (if desired) 
    • The Steps: Pour one packet of the artificial sweetener into a cup, mix in water, sit together, either dab onto desired bloody areas with a sponge or pour substance directly into the mouth and swish around to create stain effect. 
    • The Products: Crystal light raspberry + beautyblender


As Hoda announced on the segment today, I'm SO beyond thrilled to share that I am now a TODAY.com Contributor! This means I will be sharing more fun beauty related content with you all via TODAY.com! Can't wait to share more details with you guys soon, but if you know me, you know that this is sort of a *pinch me moment* dream of mine. So happy :) 


This morning was sort of insane at NBC with it being Halloween - there were so many adorable kids dressed up in costumes and such, but I of course still found a way to take some "behind-the-scenes" shots for you all! See below (click pic to make bigger):


If you're still wondering what the heck you're going to be for Halloween or just want a good laugh, watch the full segment below :)

xo Deeps

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