Hi Guys!

As I mentioned on my social channels, I am going to start blogging again! I wanted to have a centralized location where I could share quick updates happening in my life and figured a blog would be the best place to do so. 

That said, I DID have a blog wayyyy back in the day that I updated every few days when I worked at Victoria's Secret PINK's corporate office. It was my way of staying in touch with the beauty industry while I worked at a fashion company. When I went to Birchbox, I sort of put the beauty blogging on skindeep to a hiatus so I could focus on my new job and blog for Birchbox instead. 

For those of you reading my blog and are thinking, "why was the most recently post from 2012?", here's why: As I was going through my old blog, I realized that there were some good tips I shared on there. Instead of archiving it, I thought it would be fun to transfer everything from there to here for you guys to see :) it's sort of a fun trip through memory lane and makes me LOL reading some of the things I said - my voice has definitely evolved through the years. 

Enjoy reading - hope it makes you chuckle like it made me. Looking forward to sharing more regular updates here!