A little over a month ago, I had the pleasure of being on the Dr.Oz show for a segment on viral beauty trends. The segment featured myself and @hannahroxit who has the sickest nail art tips and was hosted by @bevysmith and of course, the Dr. himself

The whole experience was surreal. It was my second national broadcast segment (after the TODAY Show), but first studio audience experience. Was very different from the TODAY Show, which was live but without a studio audience. Both experiences were so much fun, and I feel so fortunate to be able to go through both to help me understand where my strengths and weaknesses are. I realized that I felt more comfortable with a live segment that doesn't have a studio audience because that's where I feel like I'm truly just talking to a friend sharing my beauty tips. That said, I LOVED both and am excited to continue doing more national broadcast segments both live and pre-taped with studio audiences :) 

Everyone on set was so sweet and made me comfortable from the second I got to set. I had my own dressing room with a cute little goodie bag and breakfast waiting for me. There was a wardrobe stylist who came in and helped select the outfit that she felt would work best with their cameras and lighting. I ended up changing twice into my least favorite outfit, but hey, you gotta trust the experts! They also had a hair and makeup team for the guests. I normally like doing my own hair and makeup but it's always fun to see how someone else does it - love learning from other experts!

Both Dr.Oz & Bevy Smith were great - they made time to talk to us before the segment and Dr.Oz even let me sneak in a selfie ;) Bevy gave me the most encouraging advice - she told me that she felt like I was made for TV and to keep doing segments. To hear that from someone who is a pro in the industry truly meant a lot. Oh also, you will all be surprised to know that Dr.Oz knew what contouring was! Maybe only at a high level but that's more than most guys? Gotta give credit where it's due :) 

Be sure to tune in to Dr.Oz this Thursday, 4/23 to catch my beauty segment and then check back on deepicam.com afterwards for a bonus YouTube tutorial this week going into details about the trick I shared on the show :) xo  

UPDATE: The air date for my segment has been postponed to a later date! Will keep everyone updated as I hear more xo 

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