This is hands down one of my favorite beauty tricks and one that I've been doing for years! It's really changed the way my eye shadow appears on my face and I think this is a trick that everyone can benefit from and relate with. I think we've all had those disappointing eye shadow palettes that we get excited about and then we put on the shadow and the color just doesn't look as vibrant as we had hoped - some from drug stores but sometimes not (shout out to my aunt who always got me those 100 kit eye shadow palettes growing up that were super powdery..)

Obviously, there are primers out there that help make your eye shadow pop, but I love this NYX white shadow stick because the white base helps neutralize my eye AND it doubles as a highlighter! Beyond that, it's so affordable! I got mine at Target for under 5 bucks! Watch the video below to see the beauty hacks in action: