Why I chose a red lip liner for my morning meetings 👄:

  1. A red lip is a great classic way to make your face pop while still maintaining professionalism.
  2. Lip liners allow you to draw the perfect shape to where you can even "overline" your lips to make them appear more full (click here for my tutorial on Kylie Jenner lips).
  3. Lip liners also allow you to get a true matte color that will last all day.
  4. Quite frankly...it's moving day (aka the worst day), and this is all I found in my purse ;)

Lip liner featured: The Smashbox Cosmetics Always Sharp Lip Liner in Ruby. Click below for a quick hyperlapse video of me applying this baby!

xo Deeps

P.S. Happy first day of May! How are we almost at summer already?