I think we all by this point have seen the Instagram's of Riri (aka kween of can do no fashion wrong) rocking a purple lipstick  that basically #broketheinternet on her friend's site that sold the lipstick, and I doubt I'm the 'only girl in the world' (pun intended hehe) who was curious about how the shade would look on my own skin.

The consensus: I love it. To be fair, I am all about a bold lip all day everyday, but I truly think that there is a shade of purple that can work on everyone of all different personalities! Also, I for one am excited that there is a new fun lip trend for summer beyond the normal bright shades we all know and love. Don't get me wrong - I love a good coral lip or a pop of pink but you gotta appreciate a little change :) 

Being the lipstick hoarder that I am, I've been on this rant of trying different purple lipsticks - everything from sheer finishes to highly saturated ones. I love them all but for different reasons. Here's a breakdown of my current top five:

(Reviews below break down each swatch from top to bottom)

(Reviews below break down each swatch from top to bottom)

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Vintage

  • Formula: Like all liquid lipsticks, this product is extremely saturated. The pigmentation level is high and so is the lasting power. You have to be careful when you apply it because it stays on and is hard to come off if you go outside the lines. Again, as most liquid lipsticks, it is drying, but that's the trade off you get for a lipstick that's truly matte and lasts! 
    • Tip for liquid lipstick application: use a lip liner first and then fill in with the liquid lipstick.
  • Shade: In terms of the shade itself, it's a deeper purple. I like it on my skin tone and find it flattering but think it would also work on those with a lighter skin tone than myself. It's a color that sort of pops on its own and doesn't require much more in terms of the whole makeup look. Also, I definitely see this as being a day to night shade. 

2. IMAN Luxury Moisturizing Lipstick in Taboo 029

  • Formula: It's creamy, semi-matte finish, and super pigmented as well. I get the color pay off here without the drying of a liquid lipstick - you do see more of a shine/gloss on your lip being that it does have moisturizing properties. 
  • Shade: This lipstick is super affordable and also the deepest purple I own. It has a slight blue undertone to it. I see this being the most flattering on darker skin tones, but again, I'm all about everyone rocking any color with confidence #werqit. 

3. MAC Lipstick in Heroine

  • Formula: It comes on matte but not nearly as drying as the liquid lipsticks. Because of that, it also does not have the lasting power. I think I will always and forever have a loyalty to MAC lipsticks (they were the 1st brand that started my obsession!).
  • Shade: The color is lighter here - I absolutely see this working on darker to light skin tones. It's a good first step into purple lipstick for someone who wants to explore a fun new shade but doesn't want to go too extreme. 

4. CoverGirl Colorlicious in Divine Wine

  • Formula: It has shea butter in it so you definitely feel the moisture while also getting a rich color pay off that lasts...and there needs to be major emphasis on lasts because I really couldn't get it off. It almost acted as a lip tint 
  • Shade: The shade itself is the most sheer and I would say the safest option in terms of exploring a purple lipstick in terms of getting a pop of color while it being affordable for all skin tones.

5. stila Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in Como

  • Formula: stila was the first brand that ever introduced me to liquid lipsticks. Being the saturated lipstick lover that I am, I fell in love. The formula is very similar to the ABH review above. When deciding between which brand to pick a liquid lipstick from, I would focus more on price point and color preference.
    • Tip #2 for liquid lipstick application: Especially for beginners, dab the color on your lipsticks instead of swiping like you normally would and then press it onto your lips with your finger. The intense color will freak you out less! 
  • Shade: This is a new color from their summer collection & really friendly to hair to light skin tones. When I first saw it, I didn't think it would work for my skin tone at all tbh, but again, in the spirit of listening to what I preach, I tried it out and liked it. It's a good summer shade that has a more white undertone so I like to pair it with an "all white everything" outfit ;) 

And incase I haven't blown up your insta feeds enough ;)...here are a few shots of me from my gram wearing the purp!

Have you tried using a purple lipstick? What are your thoughts? 

xo Deeps