You hear it on every beauty blog and it's probably the most buzzed about beauty word since the Kardashian's rise - contouring! It feels scary and complicated right? Wrong :) It can be much simpler than you think - you can actually take products you have at home and turn them into tools to sculpt and define your face in way that doesn't need to look or feel intimidating. 

Some of you may be thinking "wait..I thought contouring wasn't in anymore - isn't it all about strobing? or is it baking now?" If you ask me, there is no defined answer of what should be in our out. Makeup should just be about playing playful, fun, and things that make sense for YOU! Don't worry about what the latest "trend" is and focus on what makes you feel like the best version of yourself & own it - confidence is the best trend of them all :)

Here's my take on a sort of contouring 101: 

xo Deeps 

P.S. You guys know I'm a huge geek over beauty hacks - always looking for ways to make the most use out of my products. That's why I want to know what your favorite beauty hacks are - let me know in the comments below!