I am all about doing the unexpected when it comes to my beauty routine. In this case, hair color! 

I feel like the general consensus is go dark for winter - it's like a no brainer. We dye our hair lighter in the summer and the reverse when it gets cold out...but why? So funny because this is something I've felt for awhile and randomly my friend Jeff Chastain, who is responsible for taking me from #longhairdontcare to a proud member of the bob community, texted me saying he wanted to give my hair some color. He literally read my mind because I was itching to go for the grey/ombre hair  look that's virtually all over Instagram right now. When I told him that, he basically told me no LOL. He was right (as always) - I never like doing what the crowd is doing anyways so I thought why not let him have free reign? 

Basically, I got there and we were both aligned on going "cooler" - what we mean by this is instead of dying your hair darker, you really just want to take the copper tones in your hair and make them more "brassy". Jeff started by using a bleach to lift the yellow in my hair. I was worried about that because when I think bleaching, I think blonde which makes me think warm tones. He assured me that we would make it ashy. After washing out the bleach, he applied a L'Oreal Dia Richesse 9.11 with 6 volume developer toner in my hair on towel dried hair for about 12 minutes and kept an eye on it so it wouldn't get TOO dark. That's when I really fell in love. I transformed the color into the perfect ash shade. I've had blonde in my hair before but never like this. SO GOOD.

To get a haircut by Jeff himself, go visit his new fancy pants SoHo salon Broome & Beauty and to learn more about his new line PARLOR, check out his site. Also, if you're looking for the most hilarious person to follow on insta, you gotta check out Jeff's page. I promise tons of gym inspo oh and cats...tons and tons of cats. 

xo Deeps 

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