One of my favorite hair trend is anything and everything with braids. It’s so simple and can make an entire look so much more fashion forward. I love that it exudes effortless style and so easy to do yourself! Although the braid trend has been around forever, it’s evolved significantly. Who can forget the Lauren Conrad braid from The Hills days?! I love that you can wear the braid messy or tight/sleek-either way is super trendy and goes with relatively any look. Celebs have really taken the trend to new heights: 

I love how Rachel McAdams used a bold lip while Mary Kate Olsen went with a nude and both colors worked perfectly with the braid. Of all the braid looks, I do have one have one favorite. I think it’s because it is simple to do as opposed to some of the fancy shmancy ones seen above. Here it is: 

I love how Blake Lively added a twist to the sleeked back hair look by not just pulling it back into a pony tail and adding a braid. Think there is no way you could ever get your hair to look like this? You’re wrong- it’s simple! Just follow these step:

  1. Put your hair back in a tight high pony tail. I think higher the better. It’s not like you’re going to leave it just hanging like that anyways. 
  2. Try to get rid of all the fly away baby hairs with the products of your preference. I use hair spray and a comb. It looks better without pinning it down with bobby pins (leave the bobby pin messy look for another braid experiment).
  3. Braid your pony tail with whatever braid type you desire- go crazy and have fun with it! I like normal english braids for this specific look, but I’ve seen it done with a fishtail braid too. 
  4. Depending on the outfit, make the braid as tight or loose as you want. Being that the top of the hair is so sleeked back, I prefer somewhat looser braids, but tight ones look great as well!

So the next time you’re doing your hair, can’t figure out what to do with it, and want to try something different, throw a braid in it. It may be out of your comfort zone, but who cares if none of your friends are doing it? Be the first and start the trend! You may surprise yourself with a fun, new look that you love.

Do YOU like braids in your hair? What’s your favorite braid do?