Being that it is Halloween, I thought what better day to talk about fake eyelashes? They are a great way to help make your eyes pop for that special holiday like today, on birthdays, for New Years Eve, or just a special night out. If you ever look at a picture of your favorite celeb and think to yourself “I wish my lashes were that full and lengthy” remember that they’re probably fake, and you can have them too! I feel like a lot of people are scared to try fake lashes because they think it will look obvious that they have them on or they are scared that the lashes might peel off at a corner and ruin a perfect Kodak moment (I use to be that girl). There are so many different kinds out there that it’s hard to pick which ones work best for you. I’ve tried out several different brands and found my favorites. For those who want their fake lashes to blend in with their natural ones to those who want bold/loud lashes, I have a brand for you:

MAC #4 ($15.00): In general, MAC has great lashes that vary in size, length, and drama. MAC lashes #4 works great for me because I have naturally long lashes that are extremely thin. These lashes add the perfect amount of thickness (without looking super fake) and draws just the right amount of attention to my eyes. If you have thick lashes and want to add length to your lashes, I recommend trying #2. I love the wispy fringe effect these lashes give. It elongates your lashes while blending in with your natural ones. If you buy the lashes in store, they put them on for you, and it stays on all night (no ruining Kodak moments for me). The best part about MAC lashes? You can absolutely reuse them!

Shu Uemura Dazzling Black Diamante ($28.00): If you’re looking for fierce lashes that say “look at me”, these are perfect! Shu Uemera lashes are theatrical and scream runway model. I think they would be great for a special event, holiday, or costume party. Although the lashes are costly, they are of the highest quality, as all products under the fab Shu Uemura brand portfolio. The Dazzling Black Diamante is apart of the Fantasy Lash collection. I love these lashes in particular because they are diamond lined and not to mention created specifically for Madonna! From feathers to tribal print, there are several other glamorous lash lines that you can check out, get inspired, and purchase on Shu Uemera’s US site

If you are looking for more of a permanent fix to your lash problems, there are other options:

  1. Lash Extensions: It’s exactly what it sounds like. This procedure attaches lashes to your already existing eye lashes allowing you to shower, swim, and live your day to day life as if they were your own lashes! Sound silly? It’s actually a common trend that’s been going around recently and can cost anywhere from $100-500 dollars. I actually have a friend who did it and she looks great and loves the results! If this is something you’re looking into, my recommendation is to wait for a coupon to turn up. It will make the procedure much more affordable!
  2. Lash Lengtheners: These products help your natural lashes grow by applying a coat every night before bed to your upper lid along the lash line. I’ve actually tried this out myself, and it definitely did work. Keep in mind that lashes naturally fall out, so with that, your new full lashes will as well. 

If fake lashes aren’t your thing, but you still want something that’ll do the trick of fake lashes, I found that CoverGirl Lash Blast mascara will make your lashes look fuller, thicker, and longer for any night out on the town!

COMING SOON: How to apply fake lashes and the best eye lash curler

What do YOU think of fake lashes?