Everyone knows that I am a HUGE advocate for affordable products. I really do believe that there are some beauty necessities that you can get at your local grocery store that work wonders on your skin. If you read my post on Olay’s eye cream, than you know that I don’t necessarily believe that you have to go big or go home (when it comes to beauty products atleast). The Olay cream won’t even cost you 20 bucks, but at the same time, I know there are skeptics out there that have a loyalty towards luxury products. I don’t blame you because I have the same weakness at times. In my trial and error days, I’ve tried a few other night creams that have done wonders for me, and I mention one in particular in the Olay blog post. Here it is:

Shiseido Future Solutions LX

You might be asking yourself, why would anyone spend $130 on ANY product, let alone a cream? Trust me, I was a skeptic myself until I got a sample of this product and fell in love.  So, what will this product do for you?

  • Adds Hydration
  • Increase Firmness
  • Anti-aging
  • Reduce Appearance of Dark Circles
  • Diminish the Appearance of Wrinkles

For me, the best part about the cream was the treatment it gave to dark circles. Also, Future Solutions LX has a dual purpose; it works as an eye and lip cream. The rare, luxurious ingredients carry the latest in Japanese skincare advancements. For anyone else (like myself) that has a darker pigmentation around their lips, I recommend this product. Go splurge on yourself and try Shiseido Future Solution LX!

What’s YOUR favorite eye cream?