I get a ton of questions on my skin care regimen (fairly so for someone who uses a red lipstick to mask dark under eye circles!). I will be the first to admit that skin care is something that is forever evolving for me - I'm always looking to try new products and routines out. As I get older, I appreciate the importance of taking care of my skin more and more, and now more than ever, with the trend of "strobing", skin care is essential to ensuring you have a flawless look.

Last week, I had a shoot with Birchbox where I shot four different makeup/hair tutorials in one day. I knew that was going to take a toll on my skin so I masked basically every way possible to get my skin and hair ready! Here's a peak into my pre-shoot masking routine (each piece only takes 30 minutes or less because ain't nobody got time!):

  • Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels: I would call these eye gels one of those "product that change my life" items. I'm not the best about getting my beauty rest, so any eye gel that I can wear for 10 minutes and reduce my under eye puffiness and appearance of fine lines...I'm sold on!
  • Miracle Skin Transformer Miracle Revival Mud: I regularly use the Tata Harper resurfacing mask, but before a shoot, I love using this one from MST because I love how it firms my skin while helping it feel moisturized (super key before a day of makeup coming on and off). Yes, I love the Glamglow mud mask and feel like it has the same benefits, but this one from MST is half the price - why pay more for a product that provides the same results? Apply for 15 minutes and you're good to go! 
  • L'Oreal Professionel Expert Intense Repair Masque - My best friend who works for the brand gave me this mask as a sort of "hint hint" that my hair was starting to look slightly...damaged. Ouch? yes, but hey, you have to appreciate a friend's honesty. I am obsessed with hair masks - I actually don't ever use conditioner and use masks regularly. I don't suggest people with fine hair to do this, but if you have thicker hair like myself, I don't see why anyone would use conditioner instead of a mask. You get all the benefits of a conditioner + more! My usual mask routine is as follows - slather a thick chunk into my hair, put my hair up in a bun, go about my nightly routine, and wash the mask out in the shower after about 30 minutes of letting it set in. 

Btw, incase you missed me Snapchat the entire process, here are some pics - be sure to follow my Snapchat story (deepicam) for more impromptu day to day tips (....and maybe frighteningly real pics like these): 

xo Deeps