I can't even begin to describe how much I enjoy doing on air appearances! The rush of the cameras and crew are something I live for and didn't even know I did until this year. My first ever TV experiences was with the TODAY Show in February when my red lipstick video went viral, and ever since then, I felt like I found a new life calling. Since then, I've been fortunate enough to share my beauty tips on shows like Dr.Oz and now Kathy Lee and Hoda! 

First off, Kathie Lee & Hoda are genuinely the cutest two peas in a pod. They were matching on set that day and had so much energy - it was intoxicating! I feel thankful that the entire TODAY Show family has been so welcoming. My dad came with me on set the first time and this time I brought my mom - they were so proud and that feeling alone is one I will never forget. 

Incase you guys missed it, click the below image to watch my segment where I show you quick ways to contour your face using products you already have at home! Oh and major hugs and kisses to my girl Jamie for being such a gorgeous model. 

For more details on this look (since a girl can only share so much during a 2 min segment), watch my YouTube tutorial below!

xo Deeps 

P.S. Click here for "behind the scenes" pictures!