I've been wanting to get lash extensions for SO long! It’s one of those things I see on other people and think “wow...they look so wide awake with zero makeup on - give me NOW”. I feel like lash extensions make people look put together with virtually no effort put in. It took me forever to do it because, like some of you, I had my hesitations – will they ruin my lashes forever? Is maintaining them the worst? Are they reaaally worth it? The doubts kept going! That all recently changed after finally taking the plunge to get them, and I’m so happy that I did.

You know that friend of yours...the one that when she talks you pretend like you’re listening but really you’re focused on how insanely perfect her lashes are. No? Just me? Well, every time I saw my gf Shara when I came home to Houston, Texas, I was mesmerized. Recently, I decided to ask for the info of the person who does her lashes to at the minimum learn a little more about how this all works, and that’s what brought me to Kirsten at Dollface Lashes & Beauty!

Kirsten and her partner Charlie are the owners of Dollface. They have total of 8 yrs experience in the lash industry – that itself put me a little more at ease! When I made my appointment with Kirsten, she gave me some pre-appointment advice to ensure the best lash experience possible. The rest? History! I’m obsessed.

FROM TOP TO BOTTOM: 1) before extensions 2) one eye with extensions 3) view from above of one eye with extensions 4) final product

FROM TOP TO BOTTOM: 1) before extensions 2) one eye with extensions 3) view from above of one eye with extensions 4) final product

Here’s a breakdown of my lash extension experience & everything you need to know before getting yours done (including a quick myth buster Q&A w/ Kirsten herself):


  • Arrive completely mascara free and with clean lashes. Residue on your lashes compromises the contact between extension and natural lash.
  • Your level of activity, sleep patterns and if you wear mascara on your extensions also play a factor. For the best results possible, clean your lashes prior to arrival.


  • Type: I got the 3D Russian Volume Lashes Full Set
    • See pics below for details on how this differentiates from normal lashes)
  • Price: $225
    • See pics below for full list of prices depending on the type of service you’re looking to get
  • Lash Specialist: Kirsten
    • My friend who referred me to Dollface had Charlie so I can vouch that they are both are great at what they do
  • Time: 2 hrs
    • I took a much needed nap…she has the coziest blanket on the table!
  • Pain: Eh...really nothing
    • My eyes aren’t very sensitive..like I said, I slept the whole time LOL


  • Cleaning your extensions and lash line several times a week, not wearing mascara, keeping oil products away from your eye area and not crushing them into your pillow while you sleep (click on images below to enlarge for a full breakdown of the do’s and don’ts + tools to use for cleaning and up keep)
  • To maintain a super full lash line refills are required every 2-4 weeks. If you're wanting them for a special occasion, it'll take approximately 4-6 weeks for them all to completely fall out. Results vary by many things – all in all, expect to get refills once a month.


Will getting eyelash extensions ruin your existing lashes? 

Eyelash Extensions when applied by a professional will not ruin or make your natural lashes fall out. Every person gets a whole new set of natural lashes every 90 days. It's a constant cycle. With proper after-care you'll never have an issue. My personal opinion is that any foreign extension that's placed on your body; hair extensions, nail extensions, lash extensions. When worn for long periods of time without breaks in between can cause some damage. People think that eyelash extensions will make all their eyelashes fall off yet your wearing hair extensions and acrylic nails, are you bald and nail-less? LOL. In very extreme cases, yes there have been complete loss of natural lashes, but that's due to either negligence of the stylist or negligence of the client.

Are lash mites a real thing?!

Lash mites, lash balding, blepharitis are caused by bad lash hygiene. This will only happen if you do not wash your lashes. A lot of clients think "hey, if I don't touch them or get them wet they'll stay on even longer!" Wrong. So wrong! By not washing your eyes and lash line you’re causing more harm than good. The hair follicles can become clogged suffocating it and the hair bulb can die or bacteria will grow causing blepharitis and eye infections. These are worse case scenarios but it does happen when clients don't use proper hygiene. Overall, I believe eyelash extensions when applied by a professional and taking breaks once in awhile will not cause any damage to your natural lashes. And proper hygiene!

What's your biggest piece of advice for someone coming to get their lashes done for the first time? 

Be realistic with what you want! I can't tell you how many people come in with pictures of Kim K and they have these puny baby lashes that look like there going to fall off in a breeze. Whatever your natural lashes are can be extended by up to a weight of .15 and up to 3mm longer then what you naturally have. Anything more is the "danger zone". If you put something too heavy or too long it'll cause natural lash premature shedding and possible damage.

What's the difference between classic lashes vs. 3D lashes?

Classic lashes are one individual extension on one natural lash. 3D Volume techniques allow us to apply multiple extensions to one isolated natural lash. The "Russian Volume" technique masterfully achieves this with far thinner lashes than typically used for Classic application. The result is a full lush lash line that appears fluffy and soft while also maintaining the health and safety of our clients natural lashes. 

LEFT TO RIGHT: 1) classic lashes 2) 3D lashes

LEFT TO RIGHT: 1) classic lashes 2) 3D lashes

Are your lashes cruelty free? 

Yes! We do not use any animal products such as mink fur lashes.

How can someone contact you to schedule an appt? 

Our website is currently under construction, but we have our Facebook up with the option to book online as well as tons of pictures. You can also see pictures on my personal Instagram (@kirstenhansen_dollface) if you're interested. There is also the old fashion way of calling us (details on the below picture). 

Contact information for Kirsten and her partner Charlie - both are fabulous at what they do! Don't forget to ask for the @deepicam discount ;) 

Contact information for Kirsten and her partner Charlie - both are fabulous at what they do! Don't forget to ask for the @deepicam discount ;) 

Any perks for @deepicam followers? Had to ask ;)

Of course - when you schedule your appointment, let us know that you were sent by Deepica and we will give you $25 off your extension appointment. 

Final thoughts?!

Eyelash extensions may sound like an added maintenance to your everyday life but in actuality you'll find yourself wearing less and less makeup saving you hours over time. Lashes completely change your face making you look refreshed, put together and ready for the day.

….aaand from personal experience, I must say that I agree :) happy lashing guys! Feel free to ask any other questions you have in the comments below xo Deeps

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