And we’re back! Excited to share part 3 of my partnership with one of my favorite beauty brands Laura Mercier and favorite beauty outlets Byrdie.

This time around, I’m sharing tips on how to enhance your eye makeup using Laura Mercier’s Candleglow products in under a minute! Watch our challenge video here:


If you’re like me, you need a little extra coverage under the eyes than the average person which is why I started out by using the secret camouflage concealer #4 (been a staple in my makeup bag for years!). After that, I brightened under my eyes using the candleglow concealer in shade #3 and used shade #2 in the corner of my eyes for an extra pop.

I also share how I contour my eyes to give them some definition by using the candleglow sheer perfecting powder #3 all over the eye and #6 in the crease of the eye. Then, I pop the candleglow concealer #2 right in the center of the eye to create a contrast in the most subtle way. Ta-daa! Done & done all within a hot minute :)

Both the Candleglow Concealer & Sheer Perfecting Powder have been lifesavers in my life, especially to create the “no makeup” makeup look for those days you want to be fresh faced. They not only help me highlight my features but also even out my skin tone and bring attention to my eyes in a way that isn’t overbearing. This look reminds me that sometimes less is more and the smallest touches can make massive impacts.

Also, did you guys notice the tip applicator of the Candleglow Concealer? To me, that’s what really makes this product so unique (I may or may not have squealed in excitement the first time I used it)! It curves perfectly to target specific parts of your face. I always take this with me when I’m on the go because it’s so easy to use even in a taxi. You guys know I’m all about using products that make my life on-the-go easier!

Want to see more? be sure to see the full post on Byrdie here! Oh & if you missed the other videos I did, check out part 1 of our partnership here & part 2 here.

xo Deeps