LOVING Blake Lively’s look at the Teen Choice Awards this year. Her skin has the ideal summer glow and not to mention her gloss and blush accent each other perfectly. I love how she didn’t go heavy on the shadow or liner (notice how she started the bottom liner at the middle of her eye instead of in the corner) and really focused on the mascara. What better place to rock a fresh summer look than at the TCAs?  #serenalove


I am a fan of heavy eyes, heavy cheeks, and heavy lips, but not when all are worn together! I don’t understand how a supermodel/host and creator of ANTM could go so wrong on the red carpet. How did her style team let her walk into an event looking like this? She has some of the most sought after features and def does not need all that makeup caked on her face for the Teen Choice Awards. This award show is the perfect chance for celebs to dress young and embrace the summer time. I can’t tell if that is liner smudged or eye shadow in the corner of her eye but it def stands out to me like a sore thumb. Beyond just the makeup, I’m not a fan of the entire look including her hair do (or lack thereof…). Tyra, I know you retired from the hardcore modeling thing, but you were still a style icon- live up to it! 

What’s your favorite summer look? Did you like how Blake and Tyra looked at the TCAs?