I had so much fun at the South Asian Bridal Magazine Show yesterday - It's seriously the best feeling ever getting the chance to meet the people who support you the most in person. I get the biggest grin on my face when I have that opportunity!

I truly felt like the show was walking into a real life wedding board on Pinterest LOL everything was SO beautiful! 

I wasn't only able to connect with my followers, but I was also able to connect with other beauty bloggers/vloggers! I met Arshia (@Arshia_Makeup) who I have been virtual friends with for awhile but had yet to meet in person. I also got to see Sharifa (@SharifaEasmin) who I met for the first time at GenBeauty last weekend! Both of these ladies are so incredibly talented and sweet. I love meeting and supporting other South Asian women who are pursuing their dreams - I hope that the more of us there are, the more it will inspire others to do the same.

I also met a fabulous makeup artist named Sonia (@SoniaCMakeup). Sonia was doing makeup for models at the show which I was admiring for afar. She then came up to me said that she has been following my story for awhile and we basically had a love fest for each other :) she is so talented guys! If you are looking for a makeup artist, both for bridal purposes or other, definitely reach out to her!

I love when I connect with someone on social media and then we meet in person. It's so funny how you are already friends because of something as simple as Snapchat! That's what happened with Zaineb (@zeexbee) and me at the show. She messages me on Snapchat saying she had a booth next to where my meet and greet was taking place. I then saw her the day of the show and was so impressed with her story. Zaineb is the founder of HOXNYC, an artisanal womenswear brand. Like I said, I LOVE seeing women pursue their passions and Zaineb is doing just that - love love love it!

Thank you all for coming! It was such a great Sunday, and I can't wait to do more :). In the mean time, here's a picture gallery from the show!

xo Deeps