Fall colors come early with NARS cosmetics new ‘Night Series’ Collection. When everyone else is doing bright, stand out this summer by doing DARK. The smoky shadows and unique polish hues will make you stand out this summer, but is it worth the price? 

NARS 'Night Series’ Collection: The Palette ($55)

  • Night Clubbing: black with gold pearls
  • Night Flight: black with cobalt blue pearls
  • Night Porter: black with green pearls
  • Night Rider: soft plum with silver glitter
  • Night Star: sheer peach with gold pearls

NARS 'Night Series’: Nail Polish Collection ($17/each)

  • Night Rider: soft plum with silver glitter
  • Night Porter: black with green pearls
  • Night Breed: black with silver glitter
  • Night Flight: black with cobalt blue pearls

I have always been a huge fan and advocate of smoky eye makeup and always on the look for newest products to help create it, but I’m not sold on this palette. I do love NARS eye shadows such as the DUO, but for the price, this palette just doesn’t seem worth it. Even with the fancy shmancy names, I don’t think I can justify spending $55 dollars on a palette with only three colors I might actually use. If you are looking to create the perfect smoky eye, I have still yet to discover a better (might I add affordable) kit than LORACs. To learn more about it, click here

As for the nail polish colors, I think they look AMAZING! I love the unique mixture of hues like combining black with green, creating a gold feel oh AND COBALT BLUE? #perfect

To purchase or learn more about this seasonal collection, go to narscosmetics.com.

What do YOU think about the 'Night Series’ Collection? Are you sold?