Guys, I have been talking about cutting my hair short (like super short) for a lifetime. I kept making excuses after excuses. Now that I did it, I don't know what took me so long!

Short hair is not only liberating but it also is SUPER easy! It's only day two but a little texture spray, some quick wand action, and you're out the door. I LOVE!

So for my bob, I went to my long time friend and amazing hair stylist Jeff Chastain. He is also the creator of PARLOR (you guys know I love this stuff) which actually just launched 4 new products that Jeff used in my hair! He washed my hair with the new PARLOR Shampoo and Conditioner - I literally can't stop sniffing my hair. It smells SO GOOD! Perfect balance of citrus without being overbearing. To style my hair, he used a 1.5 inch wand and then finished it off with the PARLOR Texture Spray + a little of the PARLOR Hairspray. I am loving it all! 

If you're in NYC, go stop by Jeff's salon & tell him I said hi :) learn more at 

xo Deeps