Happy (almost) Halloween! This year, I had the honor of partnering with Simple Skincare to create probably the coolest makeup look I’ve ever had done to me.

With the help of fab MUA Clarissa Luna, I transformed into a mermaid for Simple’s #MakeUp4Makeup campaign. The idea behind the campaign is that we need to not only cleanse our skin and remove our makeup, but also give back to our skin by putting good ingredients back in, making up for all the products we put on our face..something I can definitely relate to as a beauty vlogger!

Getting the mermaid “scale” contour is easier than you think! 

  • Stretch a fishnet stocking across your cheeks (or wherever you want the contour)
  • Dab bright turquoise, blue, and green shadows on top with an eyeshadow brush.
  • Remove the fishnet and voila! It’s that easy.

After being made up, I used the Simple Hydrating Cleansing Oil to take off all the makeup. Apply 2-3 drops to dry hands, massage gently over face working over the eyes and lips too, add a little water to your skin to transform the oil into a milky-smooth texture, massage in and rinse. My skin not only felt soft and super smooth, but it cleansed my pores. It was super gentle on my skin and made my skin feels instantly hydrated. Basically, I felt ah-mazing.

It was a no brainer to use Simple products for my latest tutorial on three last minute DIY Halloween costumes - without them, my skin would NOT have made it beyond look number 2. Check out the full tutorial below to see how I use the Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes and Simple Dual Effect Eye Makeup Remover if you haven’t already done so!


Head over to Simple’s website to redeem a coupon code now! http://bit.ly/2eglt9h

xo Deeps