I’ve struggled with dry skin my whole life and am continuously looking for products to help with the issue. I recently purchased a product that I have found to drastically make a difference in the way my skin feels. If you feel let down by all the moisturizers out there that promise to stop your face from flaking (like me), I highly recommend this product: 

REN Rose O12 Ultra-Moisture Serum:

The entire REN line is great because it doesn’t contain any synthetic ingredients. They sell everything from body washes to bath oils. What I particularly liked about the face serum was how noticeably moisturized my face looked the next day. I know we all have a million different products we use during our nightly routine and don’t care to add one more on to the list, but this one is worth it for those who struggle with dry skin.

When to apply? I put it on right after I wash my face and before I put my night and eye cream on (make sure to let the serum set for a few seconds before applying your night cream). I’m not going to lie, the serum is def pricey but it will last forever! One dab is all you need every night- even the driest skin shouldn’t be drenched in oil. Just push down on the cap once in your palm, rub your hands together and lather your face. I wouldn’t recommend putting the serum around your eyes. Leave the eye dryness to the eye cream

SIDENOTE: The serum def has a rosey scent to it. I happen to like it, but if you’re planning on ordering this online and aren’t a fan of the natural fragrance of flowers, I would go into the store and check it out first!

What do YOU do to reduce dryness?