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Award show season has finally begun! It’s time for the stars to bring their A game for the red carpet. Honestly, who really cares about the actual award show? My favorite part is watching the pre-show and seeing what stars are wearing and who they are with. If you follow my tweets (couldn’t stop tweeting during the show!), you would know that I had some pretty strong opinions on the stars choices of the night. 

Some not so favs:

  • Sarah Michelle Gellar: I’m not down for that fluffy/swirly prom dress look.
  • Emma Stone: I know people loved it but eh…
  • Freida Pinto: The hair, the makeup, and even the Prada (yes, I said it!) wasn’t impressive. Seriously, I really really want to root for her, but she makes it so hard sometimes. I’m waiting for the day she wow’s me on the red carpet!

Some favs:

  • Paula Patton: I loved the yellow on her skin, but I think I just love HER so anything she wears is automatically perfect.
  • Sofia Vergara: Vera+ Sofia= masterpiece
  • Mila Kunis and Charlize Theron: J'adore Dior..enough said!

The stars above definitely impressed, but there were two show stoppers of the night that I have to highlight. They literally took my breath away. Here they are: 


Not many people can pull off that high of a slit and still look like pure class. The red accent on her Atelier Versace dress went perfectly with her crimson Christian Louboutin clutch and scarlet lip color. Her skin looked like porcelain, and I love the way she did her top eye liner. It was just the perfect amount to keep the focus on her plump lips. She went simplistic with Lorrain Schwartz jewelry, well that is, if you count 25 carat earrings and a 12 carat ring as simple…

BTW, did anyone else notice how Lorrain Schwartz was the clear celeb favorite of the night? I felt like every other person on the red carpet was wearing her jewelry this year. 


I hate to admit this because I think this girl is so ridiculous on a red carpet with her posing. I’ve never seen a celeb scold, pucker, and swing as much as her, but I have to give credit where credit lies. Lea Michele killed it in this Marchesa dress. It’s so different and bold, but at the same time so elegant. Her hair and makeup definitely topped off the look. By putting her hair up, we were able to focus on the beauty of the dress and her stunning makeup. Love the contouring, love the smouldering eyes, and love love love the nude lips. Shout out to fab Lancome makeup artist Melanie for a job well done!

P.S I’m really annoyed that Kim Kardashian and I have the same two favorites of the night. Really Kim, couldn’t you have picked any other two people to love?! Click here to see Kim talking about her thoughts on being called out during the monologue of the award show and why Angelina and Lea Michele were also her favorites. 

Who were YOUR Golden Globe favs? Do you have the same ones as me?