I am loving the recent trend of color blocking. It not only applies to your outfits, but believe it or not, it can be applied to how you do your makeup too! It’s allowing me to combine outfit colors I love together with red and pink lipsticks that I normally would not have paired. For all the non-believers, check out below to see how clashing colors are in this season: 

Red and pink lips no longer have to just go with black or white outfits (I’m guilty of this too). Use the color blocking trend to your advantage! This is your time to put together colors you never imagined would work without looking awkard. The combos are ENDLESS:

  • Red lips with a pink skirt (the red and pink combo is my fav-who would’ve thought these two colors would be paired besides on Valentines Day?!)
  • Pink lips with a yellow romper
  • Red lips with an orange dress
  • Pink lips with a green outfit


What do YOU think of the color blocking trend? Are YOU a fan?