I couldn't have asked for a better way to end the year than doing the TODAY Show one more time! I always have the best time with Kathie Lee & Hoda - love the effort they put into saying my name correctly ;) my parents definitely appreciate it! 

This time, I did my 1st ever hair segment! I showed the ladies 3 super easy ways to get your hair glammed up for NYE. This segment was special because my best friend Justine was one of my models! She's the girl in the middle that I bedazzled using a necklace - isn't she gorgeous? It means the world to me to be able to include people in my life that support me in these moments.

Here's a quick breakdown on all the products used to create each of these looks: 

  • Princess Roll 
    • Products used: Pink Pewter headband and Living Proof Flex Shaping Hairspray
    • Steps: 1) Apply headband or ribbon - you can use either or! 2) Tuck hair into headband or ribbon - tuck tuck tuck! 3) Set hair with hairspray - I used Living Proof's flexible hold because it gives the hold you're looking for without the yucky crunchiness! 
  • Bedazzled Hair 
    • Products used: a jeweled necklace, bobby pins, & the Croc LED flat iron
    • Steps: 1) Straighten your hair so it's nice and sleek - I used the croc flat iron on Justine because you can actually straighten on damp hair without damaging your hair aaand I'm all about saving time! 2) Take a necklace of your choice - I like ones with jewels! 3) Secure a few bobby pins on each end of the necklace 4) Apply it into your hair from one end to the other 5) Enjoy your peek a boo bedazzled hair!
  • Sock Bun 
    • Products used: a sock, scissors, bobby pins, & L'Oreal Professionel Infinium 4 Hold Hairspray
    • Steps: 1) Take a sock - I like to use the ones where I only have one and lost the other...I swear the washing machine eats them 2) Cut the tip of it 3) Roll it into a scrunchy 4) Tie your hair back into a SUPER tight ponytail - I like the look of a sky high sock bun so the higher the pony, the better in my eyes. I sometimes secure two hair bands around the pony and definitely recommend doing so if you have thick hair like the model I used on the TODAY Show. To help the ponytail look super tight and slicked back, use a hairspray. 5) Pull ponytail in between the sock and start tucking your hair into the sock as your flipping your hair. Continue flipping your hair until the bun is created. 6) Bobby pin your heart out to secure the bun 7) I use a ton of hairspray when I do sock buns and it's important to use one that has super strong hold - big fan of the L'Oreal Professionel Infinium 4 for that reason! You can find it in salons now but it's actually going to start being sold in ULTA starting early next year thank goodness!

Watch the full segment below and let me know your thoughts - hope this inspires y'all this NYE!

Click to watch my "3 Ways to Style Your Hair for NYE" segment on the TODAY Show!

Click to watch my "3 Ways to Style Your Hair for NYE" segment on the TODAY Show!

Fun fact: the pins you see on my blazer are actually a pair of clip on earrings! I felt like my blazer is blah in comparison to my fun Cynthia Rowley sequins dress so I thought it would add a flair - cute right? Love a good DIY!

Btw, if you liked the looks you saw, check out my YouTube Tutorial explaining each of them in detail because I mean...a girl can only get in so much explanation in a 3 minute segment :) 

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