I AM SO PUMPED! Why you ask?? Well, first and foremost because this is the first tutorial I've posted with my ring light and it's a game changer!!! WEEEE! Hopefully you guys agree? 

Secondly, I have my first holiday themed tutorial live, and I hope you guys find it to be a non- intimidating way to get ready for holiday parties this season. I find that most holiday tutorials feel complicated (ALL THE GLITTER OY), and I really want to show you what a few simple tweaks can do to your look without spending hours...bc ain't nobody got time for all that! 

Also, I'm so obsessed with the dress I am wearing in the tutorial - shout out to Rent the Runway who has kept my wallet and closet FULL this holiday season! Check out the YouTube video description for a discount code to Rent the Runway as well as a full run down of all the products I used to get this look. Be sure to like and comment on the video while you're there - I'd love to hear your thoughts on the new lighting and what you think of the general quality of my videos. Trying so hard to improve based on your feedback and hopefully it shows. I'm learning a ton along the way :)

After getting the ring light (which clearly provided me some majorrr inspiration), I promised y'all on Snapchat that I would post 5 new tutorials by end of year...so here's 2 of 5 and there are 3 more coming your way oh so soon! Alright I'm officially babbling - enjoy guys! 

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