I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t really a huge blush girl throughout life. I think it’s because I never thought I would find a color that would really make my cheeks pop (being that I have tan skin). Once I started contouring my face, I realized the importance of blush in the process. This is when I discovered Clinique’s Blushwear Cream Stick. Here’s what I love:

  • Texture: I harp on this all the time, but I have dry skin, so any creamy product works great on me. 
  • Easy Applicator: The fact that it is in stick form makes it perfect to apply the perfect line across your cheek for blending
  • Color: I found that 03 Rosy Blush works perfect with my skin tone. 


Winter is a great time to discover the perfect blush. Your cheeks are already looking rosy, so you might as well even out your skin by throwing on a color that goes well with your skin type. If you’re wondering where the blush should be applied on your cheeks, check out my blog post on contouring your face here


Do YOU use blush?  If so, what’s YOUR favorite?



Here’s the first of my reviews as a Clinique Insider. It’s on Clinique’s Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator (try saying it 3 times-it’s a tongue twister!). Watch the video above to hear my honest thoughts!

Have YOU tried Clinique’s Moisture Surge?




Bags, dark circles, wrinkles, and dryness- I don’t understand why any of these problems exist, but the fact of the matter is that they do, so as women we go on the hunt for the best possible way to treat the problem. There are thousands of eye creams out there that promise the same thing. They say they are the best out there and no other cream can compare to what their magic cream can do. I’ve fallen for the same tricks most of you have, and 50+ dollars later, was heavily disappointed.

After trial and error, I finally found an eye cream that helps with moisturizing, dark circles, and anti-aging (yet to be determined and hopefully won’t be for a very long time!). SO here it is: 

OLAY Total Effects Eye Transforming Cream:

I’ve always been a fan of Olay for the simple fact that the brand makes quality products for the mass market. This is the first eye cream I’ve come across that doesn’t cost a fortune and gives me the results that I am looking for. You can learn more about this eye cream including key ingredients that make this cream work the way it does and application instructions on their website.

BTW, if you happen to have $130 dollars to spare (nbd), I have another recommendation that I’ve tried out. Shiseido Future Solution LX  has unmatchable hydration and has been rated as a top eye cream by virtually every beauty magazine. I just don’t think it’s worth it, especially when I think about how many MAC eyeshadows I could get for the same price (it’s 8 incase you were wondering). 

What’s YOUR favorite eye cream?




I came across this lipstick a few months ago and couldn’t stop staring at it… #suckerforfabpackaging 

Burberry Lip Mist Natural Sheer Lipstick:

Every detail about this lipstick is perfect. From the outer packaging to the intricate details on the actual shade itself. Beyond that, the texture of the long lasting lipstick is noticeably creamy. The idea behind the name of the lipstick is the moistening element, leaving your lips feeling hydrated. It def on the pricier side, but if you’re a designer buff, I recommend trying this line out! If you’re looking for more affordable shades, check out my posting on the perfect pink lip or the safe yet sexy nude lip. Below is a picture of my four favorite shades in the line that I have found look great with my skin/lip pigmentation:


  • 202 Brown Sugar: If you are looking for a neutral color that can be worn often, this is the shade to go with. It blends well with the natural color of my lip and adds a little more luster than most of my lip sticks.
  • 207 Camelia Pink: This one is a fun fuschia shade that screams personality. It def takes some getting used to as most bright pink lip colors do, but if you are looking for a color that’s diff from your regular shades, I’d go with this one. Depending on your skin color, 207 will be your best bets for a bright, fun pink! 
  • 208 Stormy Pink: This shade didn’t have as dramatic of an impact on my lips as 207 did, but still added a noticeably pinker tone to my lips. 
  • 209 Feather Pink: This shade showed up on my skin as a lighter pink. I think this shade would look better on someone that was a shade lighter than me, but you could def make it work if you have a darker complexion as well!

For tips on how to wear pink shades, read my blog on what clothes and hair dos go best with this look!

What do you think of the Burberry lip mist? Are YOU a fan of designer lipsticks?




Earlier this year it was announced that the Kardashians would come out with a line of nail polish shades for OPI. Kim Kardashian took to her blog today to talk about their latest business venture and post a preview of the line. The nail polish collection titled ‘Kardashian Kolors’ stays true to their enterprises theme of labeling words with their signature letter 'K’. This time, the two younger Kardashians, Kendall and Kylie, joined in on the project. 

Kris Jenner seriously knows how to turn 15 minutes into 30. Smart move by adding the next generation of Kardashian ladies to the line. She’s gotta make her 'momager’ ten percent from someone when the Kim obsession dies town! 

You won’t believe the names of the new shades, which are personalized to each of the Kardashian ladies themselves. Kourtney has a shade called “Kourt is Red-y For a Pedi” and Khloe’s shade is called “Khloe Had a Little Lam-Lam”. I honestly cannot wait to hear what Kim came up with. I will die if it has anything to do with her no name fiance Kris Humphries, but in true Kim fashion, I have a feeling it’ll revolve around her!

The line will be out just in time for Christmas (stocking stuffers anyone?) for $7.99 each at Nicole by OPI. Let the Kardashian reign continue!


What do you guys think of the OPI collection? Will YOU buy the 'Kardashian Kolors’? 





Most people just keep using their brushes and never take the time to clean them (I used to be that girl). It’s really gross thinking about the bacteria/natural oil that accumulates on your brushes within a few days, let alone the dust in the air that the brushes pick up before you put them on your face! For those who aren’t cleaning your brushes because the cleaners are too expensive (only reason I could see why anyone wouldn’t!), remember that cleaning them is the best way to preserve them for long term use. More importantly, there are cheap alternatives to use to clean your brushes that you already buy for other purposes.To be honest, the brush cleaners sold at stores are way over priced and unnecessary. I’d rather spend that money on some new products.

If you’re like me and know the importance of cleaning your brushes but looking for a more recession friendly way to do so, I have the solution for you. There are a few items that work great on makeup brushes, and the best part about them is that you should have them around your house: 1) Shampoo/Baby Shampoo 2) Liquid Soap

As long as the soap is mild, not thick, and relatively light weight, you can use it to clean your brushes. Here’s how:

  1. Wet the brushes under the sink with water. Make sure to get all the bristles in order to get the best results.
  2. Instead of putting the soap directly on the brush, put a small amount (the size of a penny or less depending on how many brushes are being cleaned) into your hand.
  3. This step is key! Lather the brushes into the liquid soap just as you would if you were washing your hair. Continue this for 45 seconds at minimum.
  4. Softly rinse the brushes under water and remove all of the soap. Keep rinsing until the water appears clear.
  5. Press the brushes with a paper towel (to help them dry quicker)
  6. Place the brushes onto a hand towel to sit flat to air dry before using for a few hours.

No matter what soft soap you use, you will feel much better about applying your makeup after doing this. Take the time to do this around every 2 weeks to ensure the longevity of your brushes

Do you clean your brushes?




I read this article today sent to me by a skinDEEP reader that I really wanted to address from The New York Times. The article is centered around the obsession by women of getting their pores to appear smaller/relatively not exist. Some girls are going to the extreme of getting pore treatments done with a heat mask to “stimulate collagen”, a procedure that looks painful and (might I add) expensive! 

I understand the pressures of society, and I do agree with the article that HDTV does make it much easier to notice the small little flaws that women have, but I do not believe any type of ‘procedure’ is the answer to this. There are products out there that can help minimize the appearance of pores and do a great job in doing so. The article mentions Smashbox Primer, which is a great product that helps make your face appear smoother. I’ve recently come across another product that I recommend even more if pores are a specific concern of yours. Here it is: 

Benefit Cosmetics: The POREfessional


Before ANYONE decides to go under the mask, I recommend trying this product out. It is extremely light weight and designed specifically to reduce the appearance of pores. So, how do you apply The POREfessional? The same way you would apply any primer. Place it over your entire face and especially in your problem areas (problem areas being where you think your pores are most visible i.e your nose).

Do YOU think the mask treatment is too extreme in getting rid of pores?





Has anyone else noticed how hot Selena Gomez is? Where did this even come from? From the streets of Waverly Place to roaming the beaches of Hawaii with Justin Bieber, Gomez has come a long way since her Disney days. She really caught my eye recently, (esp since the papz has been photographic her with her new boy toy- Bieber Fever duh). Her red carpet outfits are glamorous and way above her age (I feel like she’s become a major fashion trend setter for people that are way out of her age bracket!). Her makeup always makes her youthful skin look flawless, but what I love about her most is how genuine she seems. I love how her features are so innocent and soft- goes well with the stars personality! Gomez has always done her part to give back to society and seems to really stick to her moral beliefs- atleast for now! Let’s hope this lasts and she doesn’t follow down the same path as her fellow Disney co-stars such as Vanessa Hudgens and Miley Cyrus- we can only hope!






There are two kinds of guys out there- the laid back guy and the metro guy. They both wake up every morning with VERY different routines. One will probably throw on a pair of Nike shorts and an old school tshirt. The other takes his time to iron his button down shirt and put on his tailored pants. One thing that both these guys have in common, laid back or metro, is that they put on their cologne before heading out the door.

The cologne a man wears says a lot about them. From the packaging to the brand, you can tell a lot about a man by their scent. I may not be a guy, but I do know what scents I love. After doing a study on male beauty products, I learned that men have strong brand loyalty towards their cologne. My advice to the guys out there is to find a scent that makes you stand out (this goes for the laid back guys out there as well!). If you’re out meeting a girl up, you don’t want to reek of the Curve cologne that 99% of the guys out there are wearing. Make a statement with your scent. Here are my picks for two colognes that women will LOVE and men don’t try enough:

CREED Green Irish Tweed:


The fragrance will run you around $270 at a luxury retailer, but you can find them for around $120. My recommendation is to go to a discount fragrance shop by you and ask them if they carry the cologne. From my experiences, most do. This way you can see the fragrance in person because sometimes the bottles sold online aren’t the real deal. You’re probably thinking in my head, “who has that much money to spend on cologne?!” and even if you did, “why is it worth so much?!” Here’s why…

The CREED dynasty of fragrances were founded in 1760 and have been named and worn by everyone from Hollywood stars, business legends, and political leaders. My personal fav is the scent Green Irish Tweed. It’s a quality scent that has been recently said to be worn by everyone from George Clooney to 50 Cent. Ladies, if you have an anniversary or birthday coming up for your man, get a gift that he will love and you’ll benefit from as well, buy your man CREED! To learn more about the history behind CREED, the key ingredients that make the product so luxurious, and to view the entire line (including cologne AND perfume), go to CREED Boutique.

Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme:


For those of you who saw the price of the CREED cologne and were over this posting, I highly recommend you try out YSL L'Homme! The price point is MUCH more reasonable, especially for the quality of the fragrance.The cologne is crisp but still has the masculine ingredients men are looking for. It can be worn from work to happy hour to dinner to a night out. Oh and might I add, girls will LOVE this scent! 

COMING SOON: The colognes above are both classics- two fragrances for year round usage. For the men out there looking for the newest fragrances that perfect for summer, stay tuned!

What’s YOUR fav. fragrance?!




It’s the end of May and that means graduations! For those of you who have the big celebration coming up, here are some makeup tips to keep in mind:

  • Make sure to moisturize before applying any makeup: It’s going to be a long day with lots of pictures being taken, so make sure to keep your face hydrated and looking smooth
  • Make sure not to go overboard with the makeup: Yes, it’s a big day in your life and you want to stand out, but that doesn’t mean the attention needs to be on the access amount of eyeshadow you put on. Don’t go overboard. Subtle shades can make a big statement. For those graduating in the morning/afternoon, go with light eye shadows, blush, and a hint of gloss. Save the dramatic makeup for your celebrations that night!
  • Make sure to carry your ‘essential product’ with you: I know it’s tough being in a cap and gown, but right after the ceremony means photo opps, and you don’t want your lips to look dull in all of them because you couldn’t find a place to fit your favorite gloss (my pick for 'essential product’). I understand that you don’t want to carry around a clutch or purse with you, but that’s the benefit of wearing those unflattering baggy gowns-you can wear a side bag under them! Simply strap the side bag over the dress you’re wearing under your gown, and you’re good to go. You’ll have some gloss on you to put on right before you walk the stage if you want (kinda extreme but you know…)!

The biggest tip of them all- SMILE! No product can make you look better than your smile, so make sure to rock it, and and enjoy every moment of the day because you def deserve it. Congratulations to all the graduates in the class of 2011!



Any Dolce&Gabbana enthusiast knows that the brand loves its leopard print on all their merchandise. Everything from their shoes, belts, to dresses have the iconic look on it. It looks like the brand is looking to expand this print into their cosmetics. Dolce&Gabbana’s summer makeup collection Animalier stays true to the brands dramatic roots bringing a feline sensual bronzing powder. This limited edition product is shown to us above in the brands teaser video for the product that doesn’t come out until the end of this month. I am DYING to see how this product will look in person (leopard print bronzer in pure metal gold packaging? SO perfect)! Until then, the teaser will have to do…


For those of you who are reading this and thinking “I didn’t even know D&G had a makeup line”- I guarantee you’ll know the person who’s the face of it. The luxurious line is has none other than Scarlet Johansson as their spokesperson. You can learn more about D&G makeup, view their entire product range, and see store locations on their website, but be aware that actually purchasing items is NOT possible here (lame)! The line is super exclusive and can only be found in select retail outlets in Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and San Francisco. 


Are YOU excited about D&G’s new Animalier bronzing powder?




Don’t you hate when you’re getting your nails done and can’t figure out what shade you should pick? I always try to figure out what events I have coming up and corresponding outfits I’m going to wear. I don’t want to get bright pink nails if I have an interview. What if there is a wedding? Blue nails don’t usually go with an off white summer dress. Until recently, I usually resorted to a neutral pink color or getting french tips just to be safe (so typical). Now days, I follow what colors seem to be “in” at the moment. You can’t go wrong with a nail color that swarming around Hollywood and appears in every magazine. It’s almost summer-That means fun in the sun, flip flops, and most importantly, pedis! For those of you who are about to get your nails done and trying to figure out what color you should go with, here are my 3 go-to nail colors for the summer: 




Having high gloss(make sure it is high gloss to ensure it stands out) nude nails is a great way to add just the right about of pop to your hands. It gives off a subtle yet fresh look to your nails and can be worn with relatively anything!




What’s great about lavender is that it’s a fun color that looks great on relatively ANY shade of skin! I love how this shade looks on me (very tan) and on my bff (pale). Lavender has been recently worn by many young celebs such as Whitney Port, Lauren Conrad, and Michelle Trachtenberg.




The idea of crackle nail polish is so fun and different from anything that’s been around! For those who don’t know what it is, it’s apart of the latest trend of topcoat nail polishes that can be worn over any shade. The topcoat breaks apart and makes the bottom coat visible through the cracks. You can have any shade from metallic colors(silver or gold) shine through or matte ones (pink, blue, green-get daring!). This trend is SO hot right now that some retailers (such as ULTA) are only allowing one bottle to be purchased at a time by customers. Go get yours while you can!

What’s YOUR go-to nail color for the summer?




Many people wonder whether they are suppose to wear foundation, powder, or both? It really depends on how much coverage you’re trying to get. Unless it’s a special occasion, I usually just put on powder. This is for a couple reasons: 1) I don’t want to look caked on 2) the powder I use happens to give GREAT coverage. I use MAC Studio Fix (my specific shade is NC42 which works well with tanner skins that have a yellow undertone). This powder also works well OVER foundation to help set the liquidly texture of the foundation while giving off a silky, soft finish. Also, I’ve never had the problem of a break out with this product. For those who have oily skin, this product can help cover up that issue and has great lasting power and for those who have dry skin (like me), it doesn’t make my skin flake. I put it on when I start my morning and don’t feel the need to touch up throughout the day (granted I do like to add a little bronzer/blush over the powder mid day). Beyond the quality of the product, the packaging is sleek. As I’ve said before, the key to full coverage with powder is using a large application brush rather than the sponge provided in the product. 

For those of you who like a light powder, this product is NOT for you! The coverage and lasting power is high. If you are looking for a lighter powder, I recommend trying Bare Minerals Matte. You can find it on Amazon for $10 dollars cheaper than at a department store. I have tried this product and although it is not what I am specifically looking for out of a powder, it feels as though you relatively have no powder on. The product does NOT weigh down your face and works great as a setting powder for foundation. As all Bare Minerals products, it is relatively better for your skin than most products. I recommend applying this product with a kabuki brush



LIGHT COVERAGE: Bare Minerals Matte SPF 15


Do you prefer a powder with heavy or light coverage?






If you don’t already know who Cheryl Cole is, you will very soon! My obsession for her started last semester when I studied abroad in the UK. She is basically their number one singing sensation and tabloid craze, especially after her controversial split with English soccer player Ashley Cole (in order of power it goes Queen>Victoria Bekham> Cheryl Cole..I guess Kate has to go somewhere in there now huh?). She started her career as a member of UK’s number one girl group Girls Aloud then went off to start her own solo career and be a judge on UK’s version of American Idol called ‘X Factor’. The show, created by Simon Cowell, has become a cultural phenomenon in the UK. With the immense success of the show, Cowell decided to bring it to America. After Cowell’s contract ended with American Idol, he went to work to bring 'X Factor’ to the states, hoping to duplicate its success in the US market. After much buzz and anticipation, Cheryl Cole was announced as the 4th judge for the US version of 'X Factor’ along with Simon Cowell, Paul Abdul, and LA Reid. 

I have mixed feelings about Cheryl Cole being a judge for 'X Factor’. Yes, she is a HUGE pop star in the UK, but I worry that the US will not respond positively. For one, she has a HUGE British accent. It’s not even a normal one like the Beckhams- it’s full throttle! I think Simon should have gone with someone that the US is more familiar with such as Mariah Carey, Jessica Simpson, or Nicole Scherzinger (who were all in the running as judges). I guess Simon thought this was the best way to help Cole launch her career in the US and bring a similar vibe to the show that it had in the UK. 

There is one thing that I cannot argue and that is Cheryl Cole’s beauty. She is STUNNING! Her face is basically flawless. What I love about Cheryl is that she always experiments with different colors and looks on the red carpet and manages to look breathtaking while doing so. Rihanna even branded Cole as “the most beautiful woman” she has ever seen. The Barbados beauty along with Will.I.Am have both said that they would love to help Cole kick start her career in the US. With a support system like that, I have no doubt that she will do big things in the US. She is a trend setter/style icon in the UK and will be a new, fresh face in Hollywood. I am so excited to see what looks Cheryl has in store for the US!


Have you heard of Cheryl Cole? Do you think she will fit into Hollywood? 





I have yet to come across a product that has done so much for my skin. Being someone with dry skin, it is really important to constantly stay moisturized. For those who don’t really have that problem, there is still a Kiehls lotion out there for you! From light weight to heavy body butters, Kiehls Creme De Corps is a MUST-HAVE product. 

So what makes this product so great? Why spend the extra money? What makes it worth the trip to a department store rather than picking up a lotion on your monthly trip to Wal-Mart? MANY THINGS!

  • Size variety: You can buy a small 2.5 fl oz. bottle for your purse or as large as 16.9 fl oz. bottle for the whole family to use.
  • Gender friendly: Men and women can both use this product! The product isn’t scented or catered towards one gender in specific. 
  • Results focused: If you are buying a Kiehls product, you are getting results. The brand focuses on their ingredients, not some fancy packaging or scent to make sales. People come to Kiehls with assurance that they will get a product that works. 
  • High quality: Rich, luxurious product that makes you feel like you are pampering your skin. It lasts all day and makes the skin feel completely hydrated.
  • Samples: This along with any Kiehls product gives you the option to try a sample out first. Go to your local Kiehls store or dept store and ask the Kiehls rep of the product you want to try. You can even get some samples online.They are so sure that you will love their products that they will give you this sample absolutely free of cost. If you are happy with the results, then go back and buy the bottle- I know you will! 

Need help deciding which Creme de Corps is right for you? There are so many different kinds to choose from for virtually every skin type. Here are my fav 4: 

Creme de Corps (PERSONAL FAVORITE): $10.00-47.00


Creme de Corps Soy Milk and Honey Whipped Body Butter: (SCENTED) $35.00


Creme de Corps Light-Weight Body Lotion: (LIGHT) $22.00


Creme de Corps Light-Weight Body Lotion SPF 30: (LIGHT+ SPF) $27.00


SIDE NOTE: Many men and women experience dryness of their hands. Get a bottle of Kiehls Hand Salve to carry with you during the day or for when you travel to keep your skin hydrated!

If you want recommendations on a face moisturizer, read my thoughts on Olay and Clinique to see if it will work for you.

Are you a fan of Kiehls products?




The Cannes Film Festival kicked off yesterday, and I am already obsessed with so many of the looks! Several of my favorite celebs were out on the red carpet. Some of these looks put the Met Gala gowns to shame! The world’s best designers dresses were worn such as Marchesa, Gucci, Versace, Jason Wu, and many more. 

I was excited to see a few actresses in particular who I haven’t seen on the red carpet for awhile now. I noticed they made some good decisions and bad decisions at Cannes this year. It amazes me how celebs can go from looking absolutely stunning to a complete train wreck with one wardrobe change. It makes me wonder if they have multiple stylists that dress them throughout the day. I mean, it’s the Cannes Film Festival. This is where you’re suppose to bring it with EVERY outfit! As a celeb you have the pick of any designer dress in the world- take advantage of it! So how do you go from hot to not at Cannes? Ask these celebs: 

RACHEL MCADAMS: HOT in Maxime Simoens to NOT in Marchesa    

I love how fresh Rachel looks in the white floral Maxime Simoens gown and nude pumps. Her light makeup and blonde hair color compliment the look well. Her simple gloss accents her natural lip color great is a great Spring time look. I’m sure people will disagree, but I’m not feeling the Marchesa dress. The Fall 2011 Marchesa is a bit too flowy and dramatic for my taste. I’ve said multiple times, I am all about being different and try new looks, but this dress crossed the line. I will say that her hair and makeup was done beautifully and accented her features well. I love that her shadow and liner is in shades of brown/neutral as opposed to black/dark ones. This made the dress color look less harsh and compliments her fabo shoes. I do love lace, but the dress just had TOO much going on.

SALMA HAYEK: HOT in Gucci Première to NOT in Gucci                                                        

When you’re married to the CEO of PPR aka the the company that owns Gucci Group aka home of the world’s most sought out designers, you have every luxury brand at your finger tips. It’s only fitting that you have your wife wear the brands under your company. Salma Hayek takes advantage of just that. She wears not one but two Gucci dresses at Cannes. I don’t know what she was thinking with the red leather Gucci dress on the right. What’s with the matching shoes, belt, and flowery ensemble? I know it’s Spring and the floral look is in, but she def went overboard. Her hair, makeup, and over all look was just off. The beaded silver dress is more the look I am used to seeing Salma in. It’s elegant and gives off the old Hollywood feel with her face glowing and locks flowing (I am LOVING the retro waves look that seems to be big at Cannes this year).  She should have changed up the designers for different events during Cannes. How about some Balenciaga and McQueen loving? Salma, stick to what works and use that hubby of yours to get some killer dresses! 

Do you like Rachel and Salma’s looks? Which is YOUR fav?