There are two kinds of guys out there- the laid back guy and the metro guy. They both wake up every morning with VERY different routines. One will probably throw on a pair of Nike shorts and an old school tshirt. The other takes his time to iron his button down shirt and put on his tailored pants. One thing that both these guys have in common, laid back or metro, is that they put on their cologne before heading out the door.

The cologne a man wears says a lot about them. From the packaging to the brand, you can tell a lot about a man by their scent. I may not be a guy, but I do know what scents I love. After doing a study on male beauty products, I learned that men have strong brand loyalty towards their cologne. My advice to the guys out there is to find a scent that makes you stand out (this goes for the laid back guys out there as well!). If you’re out meeting a girl up, you don’t want to reek of the Curve cologne that 99% of the guys out there are wearing. Make a statement with your scent. Here are my picks for two colognes that women will LOVE and men don’t try enough:

CREED Green Irish Tweed:


The fragrance will run you around $270 at a luxury retailer, but you can find them for around $120. My recommendation is to go to a discount fragrance shop by you and ask them if they carry the cologne. From my experiences, most do. This way you can see the fragrance in person because sometimes the bottles sold online aren’t the real deal. You’re probably thinking in my head, “who has that much money to spend on cologne?!” and even if you did, “why is it worth so much?!” Here’s why…

The CREED dynasty of fragrances were founded in 1760 and have been named and worn by everyone from Hollywood stars, business legends, and political leaders. My personal fav is the scent Green Irish Tweed. It’s a quality scent that has been recently said to be worn by everyone from George Clooney to 50 Cent. Ladies, if you have an anniversary or birthday coming up for your man, get a gift that he will love and you’ll benefit from as well, buy your man CREED! To learn more about the history behind CREED, the key ingredients that make the product so luxurious, and to view the entire line (including cologne AND perfume), go to CREED Boutique.

Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme:


For those of you who saw the price of the CREED cologne and were over this posting, I highly recommend you try out YSL L'Homme! The price point is MUCH more reasonable, especially for the quality of the fragrance.The cologne is crisp but still has the masculine ingredients men are looking for. It can be worn from work to happy hour to dinner to a night out. Oh and might I add, girls will LOVE this scent! 

COMING SOON: The colognes above are both classics- two fragrances for year round usage. For the men out there looking for the newest fragrances that perfect for summer, stay tuned!

What’s YOUR fav. fragrance?!