The Cannes Film Festival kicked off yesterday, and I am already obsessed with so many of the looks! Several of my favorite celebs were out on the red carpet. Some of these looks put the Met Gala gowns to shame! The world’s best designers dresses were worn such as Marchesa, Gucci, Versace, Jason Wu, and many more. 

I was excited to see a few actresses in particular who I haven’t seen on the red carpet for awhile now. I noticed they made some good decisions and bad decisions at Cannes this year. It amazes me how celebs can go from looking absolutely stunning to a complete train wreck with one wardrobe change. It makes me wonder if they have multiple stylists that dress them throughout the day. I mean, it’s the Cannes Film Festival. This is where you’re suppose to bring it with EVERY outfit! As a celeb you have the pick of any designer dress in the world- take advantage of it! So how do you go from hot to not at Cannes? Ask these celebs: 

RACHEL MCADAMS: HOT in Maxime Simoens to NOT in Marchesa    

I love how fresh Rachel looks in the white floral Maxime Simoens gown and nude pumps. Her light makeup and blonde hair color compliment the look well. Her simple gloss accents her natural lip color great is a great Spring time look. I’m sure people will disagree, but I’m not feeling the Marchesa dress. The Fall 2011 Marchesa is a bit too flowy and dramatic for my taste. I’ve said multiple times, I am all about being different and try new looks, but this dress crossed the line. I will say that her hair and makeup was done beautifully and accented her features well. I love that her shadow and liner is in shades of brown/neutral as opposed to black/dark ones. This made the dress color look less harsh and compliments her fabo shoes. I do love lace, but the dress just had TOO much going on.

SALMA HAYEK: HOT in Gucci Première to NOT in Gucci                                                        

When you’re married to the CEO of PPR aka the the company that owns Gucci Group aka home of the world’s most sought out designers, you have every luxury brand at your finger tips. It’s only fitting that you have your wife wear the brands under your company. Salma Hayek takes advantage of just that. She wears not one but two Gucci dresses at Cannes. I don’t know what she was thinking with the red leather Gucci dress on the right. What’s with the matching shoes, belt, and flowery ensemble? I know it’s Spring and the floral look is in, but she def went overboard. Her hair, makeup, and over all look was just off. The beaded silver dress is more the look I am used to seeing Salma in. It’s elegant and gives off the old Hollywood feel with her face glowing and locks flowing (I am LOVING the retro waves look that seems to be big at Cannes this year).  She should have changed up the designers for different events during Cannes. How about some Balenciaga and McQueen loving? Salma, stick to what works and use that hubby of yours to get some killer dresses! 

Do you like Rachel and Salma’s looks? Which is YOUR fav?