Most people just keep using their brushes and never take the time to clean them (I used to be that girl). It’s really gross thinking about the bacteria/natural oil that accumulates on your brushes within a few days, let alone the dust in the air that the brushes pick up before you put them on your face! For those who aren’t cleaning your brushes because the cleaners are too expensive (only reason I could see why anyone wouldn’t!), remember that cleaning them is the best way to preserve them for long term use. More importantly, there are cheap alternatives to use to clean your brushes that you already buy for other purposes.To be honest, the brush cleaners sold at stores are way over priced and unnecessary. I’d rather spend that money on some new products.

If you’re like me and know the importance of cleaning your brushes but looking for a more recession friendly way to do so, I have the solution for you. There are a few items that work great on makeup brushes, and the best part about them is that you should have them around your house: 1) Shampoo/Baby Shampoo 2) Liquid Soap

As long as the soap is mild, not thick, and relatively light weight, you can use it to clean your brushes. Here’s how:

  1. Wet the brushes under the sink with water. Make sure to get all the bristles in order to get the best results.
  2. Instead of putting the soap directly on the brush, put a small amount (the size of a penny or less depending on how many brushes are being cleaned) into your hand.
  3. This step is key! Lather the brushes into the liquid soap just as you would if you were washing your hair. Continue this for 45 seconds at minimum.
  4. Softly rinse the brushes under water and remove all of the soap. Keep rinsing until the water appears clear.
  5. Press the brushes with a paper towel (to help them dry quicker)
  6. Place the brushes onto a hand towel to sit flat to air dry before using for a few hours.

No matter what soft soap you use, you will feel much better about applying your makeup after doing this. Take the time to do this around every 2 weeks to ensure the longevity of your brushes

Do you clean your brushes?