I’m not personally a fan of foundation, especially on a daily basis. I think my powder gives me enough coverage (without looking caked on). That being said, there are some occasions where it’s fun to add a little more makeup on your face! I was in search for the perfect foundation. I wanted something that 1) was light 2) provided full coverage 3) matched my skin tone 4) made my skin look flawless/airbrushed. Here are a few that I went through: 


1. MAC Satin Finish 2. L'Oreal Paris True Match 3. Origins Stay Tuned 4. YSL Perfect Touch

When I worked at L'Oreal last summer in NYC, I got the opportunity to experiment with so many different brands and products that I had never tried before. That is when I came across my favorite foundation. Here it is: 



This foundation feels like a mousse and blends unbelievably well with my skin. It feels SO light and easy to apply with your fingers. I know that’s probably against the makeup gurus rules, but I love using my fingers to apply makeup. It does what no brush can do for me (and is more affordable!). I love the matte finish, and the coverage is phenomenal. When I look at pictures of myself the nights I wear this foundation, I really do feel like I’ve been airbrushed. The downside of the product is that it is pricey, but because I only wear foundation on rare occasions, I still have the original bottle I got last summer in NYC! 

Do you wear foundation?