I came across this lipstick a few months ago and couldn’t stop staring at it… #suckerforfabpackaging 

Burberry Lip Mist Natural Sheer Lipstick:

Every detail about this lipstick is perfect. From the outer packaging to the intricate details on the actual shade itself. Beyond that, the texture of the long lasting lipstick is noticeably creamy. The idea behind the name of the lipstick is the moistening element, leaving your lips feeling hydrated. It def on the pricier side, but if you’re a designer buff, I recommend trying this line out! If you’re looking for more affordable shades, check out my posting on the perfect pink lip or the safe yet sexy nude lip. Below is a picture of my four favorite shades in the line that I have found look great with my skin/lip pigmentation:


  • 202 Brown Sugar: If you are looking for a neutral color that can be worn often, this is the shade to go with. It blends well with the natural color of my lip and adds a little more luster than most of my lip sticks.
  • 207 Camelia Pink: This one is a fun fuschia shade that screams personality. It def takes some getting used to as most bright pink lip colors do, but if you are looking for a color that’s diff from your regular shades, I’d go with this one. Depending on your skin color, 207 will be your best bets for a bright, fun pink! 
  • 208 Stormy Pink: This shade didn’t have as dramatic of an impact on my lips as 207 did, but still added a noticeably pinker tone to my lips. 
  • 209 Feather Pink: This shade showed up on my skin as a lighter pink. I think this shade would look better on someone that was a shade lighter than me, but you could def make it work if you have a darker complexion as well!

For tips on how to wear pink shades, read my blog on what clothes and hair dos go best with this look!

What do you think of the Burberry lip mist? Are YOU a fan of designer lipsticks?