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I read this article today sent to me by a skinDEEP reader that I really wanted to address from The New York Times. The article is centered around the obsession by women of getting their pores to appear smaller/relatively not exist. Some girls are going to the extreme of getting pore treatments done with a heat mask to “stimulate collagen”, a procedure that looks painful and (might I add) expensive! 

I understand the pressures of society, and I do agree with the article that HDTV does make it much easier to notice the small little flaws that women have, but I do not believe any type of ‘procedure’ is the answer to this. There are products out there that can help minimize the appearance of pores and do a great job in doing so. The article mentions Smashbox Primer, which is a great product that helps make your face appear smoother. I’ve recently come across another product that I recommend even more if pores are a specific concern of yours. Here it is: 

Benefit Cosmetics: The POREfessional


Before ANYONE decides to go under the mask, I recommend trying this product out. It is extremely light weight and designed specifically to reduce the appearance of pores. So, how do you apply The POREfessional? The same way you would apply any primer. Place it over your entire face and especially in your problem areas (problem areas being where you think your pores are most visible i.e your nose).

Do YOU think the mask treatment is too extreme in getting rid of pores?




I discovered primer a few years ago and realized what a money saver it ends up being! I’m so used to coating layers of makeup on in order for it to show up, but with primer, I no longer have to. I was going to Sephora to get my regular products and saw a girl getting her makeup done. The makeup artist described his work as a “masterpiece”. At first, I thought this was a bit extreme. I mean, this isn’t the Mona Lisa? I really feel like I now understand what he meant by that. 

Our face is a canvas. We can “paint” it however we want. If you prime a canvas before painting it in order for the colors to pop and last, why wouldn’t you do the same to your face? This is especially useful for those of you who buy drug store products that aren’t as highly pigmented. Primer can help a dull, chalky eye shadow appear bright and radiant. There are two different kinds of primer I use:

For face: Smashbox ‘Photo Finish’ Light 


What I love about the Smashbox primer is the light weight texture. It glides on easily and doesn’t make you feel like your makeup is caked on. I recommend getting the tube over the bottle so you can make use of every drop (I know the bottle looks prettier, but the tube is also easier for travel!). One tube can last up to 5 months!

SIDE NOTE: If you don’t care to try the product on before purchasing, you can find it on Amazon for 10-15 dollars cheaper. 

For eyes: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion


I got this free as apart of an eyeshadow kit and fell in love. Before this primer, I used MAC Paint Pot. I liked the MAC primer because of its matte finish (if you prefer the matte finish, I recommend the MAC primer), but it left creases in my eye due to its thick texture. The Urban Decay primer smoothly lays across the lid and feels light (not the mention fabo packaging!). The wand makes it easy to spread the primer and dab on any necessary areas. It really helps liner and shadows last longer without fading throughout the day.

If you want to hear other people’s thoughts, read more amazing reviews on the Urban Decay Primer on Sephora’s website.

Do YOU use primer?