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If you don’t already know who Cheryl Cole is, you will very soon! My obsession for her started last semester when I studied abroad in the UK. She is basically their number one singing sensation and tabloid craze, especially after her controversial split with English soccer player Ashley Cole (in order of power it goes Queen>Victoria Bekham> Cheryl Cole..I guess Kate has to go somewhere in there now huh?). She started her career as a member of UK’s number one girl group Girls Aloud then went off to start her own solo career and be a judge on UK’s version of American Idol called ‘X Factor’. The show, created by Simon Cowell, has become a cultural phenomenon in the UK. With the immense success of the show, Cowell decided to bring it to America. After Cowell’s contract ended with American Idol, he went to work to bring 'X Factor’ to the states, hoping to duplicate its success in the US market. After much buzz and anticipation, Cheryl Cole was announced as the 4th judge for the US version of 'X Factor’ along with Simon Cowell, Paul Abdul, and LA Reid. 

I have mixed feelings about Cheryl Cole being a judge for 'X Factor’. Yes, she is a HUGE pop star in the UK, but I worry that the US will not respond positively. For one, she has a HUGE British accent. It’s not even a normal one like the Beckhams- it’s full throttle! I think Simon should have gone with someone that the US is more familiar with such as Mariah Carey, Jessica Simpson, or Nicole Scherzinger (who were all in the running as judges). I guess Simon thought this was the best way to help Cole launch her career in the US and bring a similar vibe to the show that it had in the UK. 

There is one thing that I cannot argue and that is Cheryl Cole’s beauty. She is STUNNING! Her face is basically flawless. What I love about Cheryl is that she always experiments with different colors and looks on the red carpet and manages to look breathtaking while doing so. Rihanna even branded Cole as “the most beautiful woman” she has ever seen. The Barbados beauty along with Will.I.Am have both said that they would love to help Cole kick start her career in the US. With a support system like that, I have no doubt that she will do big things in the US. She is a trend setter/style icon in the UK and will be a new, fresh face in Hollywood. I am so excited to see what looks Cheryl has in store for the US!


Have you heard of Cheryl Cole? Do you think she will fit into Hollywood? 





I LOVE fun lip colors! I’ve always been a fan of red lips on my skin, but it’s been a struggle to find the right shade of pink to match my skin tone without making me look silly (by pink I mean a BRIGHT shade not a nude toned). I know a lot of my friends want to explore with different lipsticks too. Because they can’t find a shade that fits their skin, they resort to the typical nude lip look. 

This set me on a mission. I went to Macy’s to try on an assortment of colors and play around with the different brands. I wanted a color that fit the season. It had to be vibrant, fun, and scream fierce. I’ve been noticing lately that celebs are going beyond the red lip color on the red carpet too. Here are some of them rocking the perfect pink lips: 

   After being on the hunt, I found three great shades! They really make me feel like Barbie and work well with my skin. Here are my recommendations for the perfect pink lips:


1. L'Oreal Colour Riche Paris Wild Plum (Pink) 2. MAC Gulabi Bright Fuchsia 3.  YSL Forbidden Burgandy

These colors look VERY different your lips than they do just by looking at them. I was surprised to see some shades that appeared to be way too bright ended up fitting my skin color and some that looked really dark showed up super pink. Make sure to try the shade on and NOT purchase online. Also, they are listed in price from cheapest to most expensive. If you are having fun and just want to try a new color out, go for the cheaper one and see what you think, but keep in mind the pigmentation will not be as high.

I hope you guys try out these shades or other fun pink lip colors. They are great for spring and summer. Get out of your comfort zone and dare to be a trend setter. You will be surprise to see how many people admire you for taking risks and being different! 

What do you think of pink lipstick?




The 2011 Met Institute Gala was last night and celebrities were out in full swing bringing their fiercest looks. I love when celebs step out of their comfort zone and experiment with new, daring colors. Here are a few of my favorites of the night: 

TAYLOR SWIFT: classic and elegant                                                              

JESSICA ALBA: pregnant and glowing                                                            

RIHANNA: loud and bold

To see more A-Listers looks, go to E!Online.

Who was YOUR fav. look at the gala? 





Rihanna has had an amazing few months with the release of her album Loud. She’s been performing everywhere from the CMAs to American Idol. Rihanna made history this week for “the shortest span between a solo artist’s first and 10th No. 1s in the chart’s 52-year history.” She officially has 10 No.1 hits on Billboard!

Beyond breaking records, Rihanna’s fierce sense of fashion has made her into one of the world’s top fashion icons. She continuously reinvents herself year after year and always dares to do the unexpected. My favorite aspect of Rihanna is that she always pushes the limit and goes outside of the Hollywood norms. You can tell that Rihanna doesn’t care if people think her makeup is too crazy or her outfit isn’t ‘in’ because she knows that beauty is about being yourself. Rihanna ALWAYS looks stunning whether she has black, blonde, or red hair (I mean who would have thought she’d go red?!). You have to truly have stunning facial features to pull off some of the hairdos that she does. I love that every time she makes a public appearance she tries something new with her makeup (I feel like she would even look good bald with how great her makeup always is!). If there is one makeup tip I’ve learned from Rihanna it’s to explore different lip colors. She always pairs fun shadows with bright lipsticks! I would die to meet Rihanna’s glam squad and ask them how they always make her skin look SO flawless and radiant. Because of her confidence, talent, and demeanor, Rihanna is this weeks beauty of the week!

Check out Rihanna talking about being the fashion icon she is on the cover of Vogue. She talks about “taking a risk” and the “thrill” of fashion. I think she looks breathtakingly beautiful!



What are your thoughts on my pick for “Beauty of the Week”?